Hall-of-Famer Isiah Thomas Aquires Property in Evanston, IL

HOF Isiah Thomas recently acquired a Class A apartment building in Evanston, IL for investment purposes. The property is located at 525 Kedzie. It is a modern designed structure consisting of 20 residential units, 42 parking spaces, and 2 commercial spaces. The property was originally constructed in 2007 as a high-end residential condominium building for sale. 

This property will be managed by TAND Properties. TAND properties provides comprehensive solutions to third party multifamily property owners through an experienced team of professionals with varied expertise, TAND offers the vast knowledge required to effectively oversee multi-family housing.

Isiah International, solely owned by Isiah Thomas, a commercial real estate investment company located in Chicago, Illinois identifies investment opportunities to qualified investors through the acquisition, management and disposition of multifamily housing units. In addition, Isiah International will focus on revitalizing properties in distressed communities and developing affordable housing on the west side of Chicago.

Mr Thomas’ philanthropic work through his foundation Mary’s Court will continue to focus on making a difference in the lives of families and young people in Chicago and around the country.

“I am excited about this new business endeavor and look forward to being a part of the Evanston community which is so close to my hometown Chicago where I am deeply involved in the business and philanthropic community.” Thomas said


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