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Mary’s Court is dedicated to improving and expanding educational opportunities for youth of all ages. We partner with nonprofits and schools to create programs and initiatives that provide educational resources and instill the importance of education for students ranging from early childhood to post-secondary.


A History of Supporting Students

A History of Supporting Students

Isiah Thomas has been contributing to students’ education since he played for the Pistons. Mary’s Court is proud to continue that by…
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University of California Isiah Thomas Scholarship

Annual Scholarship for Students in the African American Studies Department

The California Heritage Fund and the African American Studies Department of UC Berkeley will administer the Isiah Thomas Scholarship. The scholarship will be given each year for 10 years to the student who holds the position…
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“Right now, too many kids aren’t optimistic because they don’t have much to look back on with pride. We can change that; we can give them an opportunity to build up their confidence and build up each other. We can help them see clearly that they have choices. Poverty should no longer be wedded to drugs and weapons. We want them to know that education is the only true way to better their lives.”

– Isiah Thomas

Education Programs

Playin’ for Love

Isiah Thomas and Hollywood filmmaker Robert Townsend partnered up to direct and produce Playin’ for Love, a movie about a student-athlete, his coach and his mother. They partnered with the Overtown Youth Center and Miami-Dade County Public Schools to engage the local teens and teach them the art of filmmaking.
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Learn more from the United Teachers of Dade Florida

Watch Isiah Thomas discuss the film with School Commissioner Michelle Spence-Jones